In a world driven by electricity and fuel, it has become important to consider sustainable solutions to human-kinds energy dependence.  Wind energy is a growing renewable source of energy which will provide a means to begin our descent from being dependant on fossil fuels and other environmentally harmful sources of energy.  This report provides a summary of the status of wind energy in the United States and the effect the wind industry could have in the future. Click on the link below to read the full report. Research done by Andrew Gabriel, of the Green Manufacturing Initiative, at Western Michigan University.


United States Wind Status Report


The Manufacturing Research Center (MRC) at Western Michigan University recieved nearly $1 million in federal funds (Department of Energy) to establish and develop a Green Manufacturing Initiative. This initiative provides a conduit between the university and industry to facilitate cooperative research programs of mutual interest to support industry’s green (sustainable) goals and efforts.

Faculty and students from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (all departments), the College of Arts and Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Geology), the College of Business, and the Environmental Research Institute and Environmental Studies program participate in the Green Manufacturing Initiative activities.

In parallel with the federal funding, a Green Manufacturing Industrial Consortium has been established to integrate industries into this initiative program, providing a direct link between the university and industry.